Reactionless Propulsion: Charrier Experiment 1 Supplement

A supplement to the previous video. Testing a couple of different orientations wrt the local field. The suspension wires are illustrated. Coil parameters appear at the very end of the video.

I’m still driving with a positive-going square pulse of 24 volts, about 1.7 amps, with the period of about 1280-1320 ms.

However it now appears that the original experiments by Charrier were performed with a symmetrical, +/- square wave. I’m trying to get more information, trying to pin this important detail down. Did he use 20 v peak-to-peak? Or +20 to -20 ?

The next experiment will use higher-frequency stimulation at 1046 Hz, gated at the same approx. 1300 ms period, and a different suspension that reduces the torsional motion. (The period of the vertical pendulum should be about 1100 ms so I will also try gating at that period.) Reducing the motion this way doesn’t get rid of the forces that cause the motion, though!

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