Homopolar Generator – Gotta Start Somewhere

More to come 🙂 This embodiment was the first vision for this thing that I wanted to try. I did try other connections to the shaft and will be doing more with it. I think I’ll flip the magnets so that it truly is unipolar/homopolar. Lots to try.

I hate not being able to comment on other vids, so I figured some of you might hate the fact that my comments were closed as well…so they’re back! 🙂 I reconnected to Crap+…and lost my avatar pic of 4.5 YT years 🙁 I won’t be able to keep all comments on from past vids, that’s insanity…lol…I’ll keep comments on with the current vids, then cull the herd every once in a while. My older vids get many comments/day, so it would be impossible for me to manage them with their new jumbled system. Anyhoo, I hope this is a happy middle ground that satisfies us all 🙂 Also, I won’t be following circles, or whatever they do over at Crap+…sorry 😛

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