Induction Heating: No Rodin Birdsnest Coil Necessary

I saw some video where the claimant is selling a Rodin Coil and claiming extraordinary performance from it. Well, I get about the same performance from my Wireless Power Transmitter with just an improvised 7 turn coil instead of the transmitting loop. It is operating at the wrong frequency and using more power than it should, too.

If I optimised this system for inductive heating by lowering the frequency and using the proper capacitors it would heat much faster and on even less power.

In short, the extraordinary claims of Nuñez about his Rodin Coil are strongly not supported.

Meanwhile, go ahead and spend six hundred dollars for his coil.

Or… I’ll sell you this entire setup: the wireless transmitter, a wireless receiver with AC and DC output, the little induction coil, the transmitting loop, the 12 v SLA battery, the DMM meter and all, for four hundred dollars.

And I’ll even throw in the bolt.

(You pay the postage, though.)

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