Pulse Motors: MagSpinner 1 Test RPM Run

I was inspired to build a little magnet spinner by synchro1’s interesting work with a large powerful sphere magnet.

I don’t have such a magnet, but I did have some little discs. So I mounted a disc magnet on an axle and support, very crude, and wound a couple of coils to exite it with. Assembled with hot glue and driven by the Interstate F43 function generator with a sine or a square wave, the little contraption spins at nearly 12000 RPM.

I’ve not started looking at output from the system yet. The coils are wired in series. I’ll also be trying parallel wiring to see if there’s a difference. I would like to use a self-triggering system so that the coil drive power can be triggered by the magnet’s rotation directly, but the circuit I tried, posted by conradelectro, didn’t work, so I’m still fiddling. Maybe I didn’t have the right transistors.

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