Hartmann Besslerwheel simulation rotation selfrunning gravity powered wheel

Hi All,
this is a pretty old video I made a few years ago and forgot about the file.
But I still think that this is a valid principle.

So if anybody wants to fiddle with the parameters,
here is the WM2D file:


You must only find the right parameters for the sping force, the wheel weight and
the oscillating weight inside the wheel.

If you can come up with the right parameters this will will accelerate and will get faster and faster until it will destroy itself, if not loaded !

So this is just a weight which is fixed with one spring to a sliding mechanism inside a wheel.
Probably, if you use a controlled sync via some kind of lock and unlock mechanism maybe via an electromagnet relay with just needs only a short electrical pulse, this would then work even better and you could just make it turn due to the leverage the moved weight will do and the spring is storing the potential energy and will pull back the weight,
when the wheel has moved 180 degrees and lock again the weight at the right moment…

Maybe someone can work on it more as I don´t have so much time right now and develop this further into a running prototype.

Many thanks.

Regards, Stefan.

Link to this video.

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