AVISO motor "BREAKTHROUGH" run BIG A/C 25Hp motor without AC outlet or even A/C inverter

E Car manufacturer using A/C motor will start to wonder. How come I run this Big motor w/o high current from stop to start & very low rpm….Normally running even w/o load will give a huge current spikes specially when run at low speed. It need very expensive & sensitive soft start VFD to do that . The application & benefits of this technology will be tremendous from E car up to Industrial machinery. VFD ( variables freq drive ) will become OBSOLETE. Sudden power interruption cost a lot of money & big headache from Industrial application. TODAY April 5 2011 the birth of this technology will totally solved that problem. Since this AC motor run w/o AC outlet. Application from Air-conditioning system , OIL drilling, fluid control process, water supply system & many more..

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