APEC 1/29, Part #2 – David Chester – Complex Gravity Theories

Dr. David Chester recently created an in-depth overview of theories more complicated than General Relativity, and he’ll be discussing those with a focus on gravity and possible applications for gravity modification & engineering.

David’s career as a physicist includes work on efficient scattering amplitude methods for Yang-Mills theory, his PhD thesis discussed how to compute gravitational radiation from Feynman diagrams, and he’s had a long-term interest in the application of exceptional mathematics to describe quantum gravity beyond the standard model physics.

Bob Greenyer will be presenting an overview of Exotic Vacuum Objects (EVO’s) and their applications to advanced propulsion and Dr. David Chester will be discussing theories more complicated than General Relativity and applications for gravity modification. We finish off this event with an open discussion and a lengthy appearance by John Hutchison, the legendary innovator behind the Hutchison Effect!

Links & Resources

• Bob Greenyer: http://www.quantumheat.org/index.php/de/facilitators/32-bob-greenyer
• David Chester: https://quantumgravityresearch.org/

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