Bill Ramsey on Time Travel – Time travel? Parallel Dimensions? A while back I heard a rumor about a man who’d experienced them both firsthand. I tracked down Bill Ramsey, and he confirmed that something had happened but wasn’t ready to talk about it. Time travel? Yes – although it took him a long time to put the experience into those words, and even longer before he was ready for an interview. In this exclusive, Bill speaks for the first time in public about time travel and parallel dimensions, and how a simple experiment sent him hurtling through time.

Bill was testing experimental capacitors when his time travel experience happened. A flick of the switch, a turn of the knob, and a routine experiment sent him into a pitch-black world, where he was suspended in a void for what seemed like hours. Then he came back, but not for good: he found himself bouncing between different times of the day, an experience he described as “ringing” back into sync with the normal stream of time.

He describes the event as a time-hysteresis effect that kept bringing him to our reality at the time of the event until the effect wore off. How much power was involved here? Ramsey says that he was testing at less than a watt, but it was enough teleport him into blackness in front of his wife. A witness? She claims it looked he was beamed up by the transporter from Star Trek.

Did it really happen? Did Bill Ramsey really travel in time? Bill’s not boisterous, his friends all describe him as trustworthy, and he leads a stable, quiet life. The time travel experience shook him emotionally, and it took a lot to get him to open up about it. He believes that it happened, and I believe that he’s an honest man. Don’t just take my word for it, though. Listen to the interview below and make your own decision.

Originally Recorded: November 20th, 2004

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