Warren York’s Time Travel Anomaly

Warren York and Mike Windell perform a vacuum-tube experiment in which the filament breaks, producing strange harmonics and a time-travel effect during testing. Unaware of any change in the lab, they later realize that the experiment has lasted 3-hours longer than they can explain, and encounter a power-line repairman outside who has been called to examine “strange effects happening with the local power”.

The time-travel anomaly apparently occurs with a strange experience in which the tube’s filament appears to actually leave the side of the tube and re-enter during operation, under power by a high-frequency/high-voltage signal. After completing the experiment, which York and Windell believed took approximately 45 minutes to conduct, they emerged from their laboratory to find that the actual time was 4 hours later than they had anticipated it could be – leading to their belief that a time-dilation effect created type of time-travel that may explain the missing time.

Later, they encounter a power-line repairman working to restore electricity to the surrounding neighborhood, who claims that power has been lost to the entire area due to an unknown fault in the line-transformer. They document this as an anomaly as they are able to see house-lights throughout the neighborhood, leading them to speculate that perhaps the time-travel effects they believe occurred may have created this.

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