Electric OU: FTW QEG Poisons the Well for Legit FE/OU Researchers

The FTW/QEG people, primarily Naima Feagin (daughter) and Naicheval/Valerie Robitai / Robitaille (mother) have been doing the crowdfunding thing for some time now. They have raised over an eighth of a million dollars in the last year and a half, based on the false claims that Naima (HopeGirl, Hope Moore) has made concerning the QEG and their “Fix The World” fantasy project.
Some of this money has gone to support their world travels, some other part of it is buying equipment and supplies for James Robitaille (husband, step-father) so that he can do as God ordered him to do: Build this QEG and get it working, to Save The World. But really… that is a lot of money, isn’t it? And it’s still rolling in, based on the continuing promises (broken) and claims (false) made by HopeGirl and the QEG sycophants.
ADDENDUM (10 Sept 2014): It has come to my attention that the “One People’s Public Trust” scam and the people involved are intimately connected with the FTW/QEG Morocco adventure. Please see Doazic’s video about OPPT here:

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