Electric OU: How to Record Important YouTube-Google Hangouts

If it appears on my computer screen, I can make a recording of it…. and this is true for everyone. But it does have to appear on the screen…. which is why I don’t have a recording of the Saturday “rehearsal”… and apparently nobody else does either.

So here is a demonstration of how to make a usable recording of anything that appears on your computer screen. Here’s how:

Ready? You point your video camera or webcam at it and press “Record”.

(Tripod is optional but recommended for long recordings, as is a wallwart power supply for the camera.)

My five year old video camera will record something like sixteen hours at low res and 4 hours in full HD, and yours is probably much better.

The most important event in the history of the Ainslie saga…. the demonstration rehearsal “google hangout” on Saturday August 11 2013 where the Ainslie – Martin team have to acknowledge their failure and their false data claims …. apparently only exists in the NSA’s recording, and they aren’t about to release it.

Think I’m a sarcastic dickhead for pointing this out? Well…. I think the people who were allowed to watch the Saturday rehearsal, but didn’t manage to make a recording of it…. have failed in an important duty. This would not have happened “on my watch”… but I was not allowed to watch. So call me all the names you like, disrespect me, whatever. It does not change the fact that there was apparently no recording made, and there should have been.

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