No Battery – LED Flasher

Much more info below –

This video demonstrates using human electrolyte to power a small device.

The blocking oscillator was made on a breadboard and used parts to hand as a demo.
MPSA06 transistor
680K resistor (can use a 500K-1Meg pot to alter flash rate)
‘225’ tantalum cap (a 0.1uF ceramic works fine)
10uF electrolytic capacitor (up 100uF is fine)
300/150 34 AWG coii, wound on a bit of ferrite from a radio trim pot (other coil types can be used)
White LED

Rocks known to work include hemetite, fools gold and many others that show a resistance reading on a multimeter.
Ferrite can also be used as the Positive electrode. The ferrite shown is a broken piece from a small transformer.

Aluminium is used here, though galvanized steel will also work.

Expected output from a piece of fools gold and aluminium is 0.75V and 20uA.
A 3300uF cap will charge to 0.8V in approx 20 minutes with no circuit attached, when using those electrodes.

Similar devices have been sent out as freebies with Thortz Energy orders, so some folks may recognise its operation. In such circuits i’ve traditionally used copper and galvanized steel.

Thanks to Yalgorup NP for putting me on to the aluminium drinks can as the Negative electrode – just scrub the inner coating off.
The electrodes can then be found literally on the street..especially if living on the Iron Range in Minnesota as my wife’s parents do !

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