Don Smith Device Project Part 23: Cool Resonance Experiment Replicated, and new Function Generator

Replicated the cool resonance experiment by Tortuga33 (i think his name is) What is happening is, when the coil, cap and light are in use, there is a certain amout of current cycling thru, based on the resistance of the coil cap and light. The resistance, reactance, inductance and capacitance values can be chosen to vibrate at any desired attainable frequency. When the frequency you have established for the above combination of values is used, THE PRIMARY TURNS INTO A RESISTOR OF INFINITE OHMS, and then behaves as a superconductor at room temperature. At resonance, the energy on one winding of the primary is duplicated on EVERY turn of the secondary, and at this point, the secondary can be duplicated without depleting the primary in any way. RESONANCE WITH SOUND IS EXACTLY THE SAME, ALL YOU NEED IS BOTH INDUCTORS RINGING TOGETHER, (cycling their electrons) AND IT IS MEASURABLY MORE POWERFUL I always was mystified by the resonant transfer, but i am understanding a massive amount from these experiments

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