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1.4 High Voltage Arc+Argon+Over Voltage = Loud Exploding CAP… By By Cap! (EPG Testing 1.4)

if you dont watch anything at least see 6:00 to 7:00 hahahahahah funny… Enjoy! well it was off for a bit and took that long to explode!!! i did not know what happen… hahahahah…

Solfeggio Frequencies – An Overview by Howard Jachter

www.americanantigravity.com – Forescent CEO Howard Jachter describes the solfeggio frequencies and provides personal experience on how the healing power of the solfeggio frequencies can provide balance. He has written a software application to generate…

The Files For 3D Vortex Based Math Rhombic dodecahedron Model

3D Vortex Based Math Rhombic dodecahedron Model The files: www.ringsbyruss.com My email: RWG42985@aol.com The links: My vortex space: (See links the links up right on page) vortexspace.org groups.google.com vortexspace.org