APEC 9/16: Open Mic

Watch six amazing ad hoc presentations from Dave Rossi, Bryan Kelly, Curtis Horn, Dr. John Brandenburg, Phil Bouchard, and more!


00:00:00 – Intro
00:04:05 – Dave Rossi on Superconductor Experiment
00:13:37 – Bryan Kelly on Light & Gravity
1:17:13 – Curtis Horn on Mega Drive Update
1:54:27 – John Brandenburg on Pais Superforce
2:28:29 – John Brandenburg on Avi Loeb Interstellar Analysis
3:40:45 – Phil Bouchard on MHD Vortex Experiment

David Rossi demonstrates a new superconductive propulsion experiment, Bryan Kelly presents a new physical model for the gravitational interaction with light, Curtis Horn presents an update on Dr. James Woodward’s “Mega Drive”, Dr. John Brandenburg presents summaries of both Salvatore Pais “Superforce” paper as well as Avi Loeb’s Interstellar meteor sample analysis, and Phil Bouchard provides an update of his MHD Vortex Experiment.

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