APEC 6/25, Part #9 – Phil Bouchard – Finite Theory Update

https://www.altpropulsion.com – In this ad hoc presentation, Phil Bouchard discusses Finite Theory, which defines a new representation of the formulas derived from General Relativity based on the superposed potentials of the predicted massless spin-2 gravitons that mediate gravitational fields.

Additionally in contrast to General Relativity where the space-time is represented using the non euclidean geometry in order to keep the speed of light constant, Finite Theory considers time to be a positive variable within a space that is characterized by the euclidean geometry.

In the Sat, June 25 conference session, Taylor A. Cisco Jr discusses Magnetic Monopole Propulsion: Clues from UAP Trees, Michael Boyd on Apache UAP IR Videos, and Joseph Whiting presents a Vortex Ring Cavitation Apparatus. Mark Sokol & Aidan Schaffer will provide detailed lab updates on their upcoming experiments and vacuum-deposition work to recreate Art’s Parts, and we’ll be finishing off the event with an open discussion and ad hoc presentations by conference attendees!

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