Design 1st #3 Introduction to The Most Important Scientific Discovery & Innovation in Human History

“When everyone is thinking the same, no one is thinking.”
~ U.S. Gen. George S. Patton Jr.

The current global electricity demand is 40,443 billion kWh.

60% of that electricity comes from fossil-fuels or 24,265.8 billion kW hours worth.

In order to generate that electricity for the planet more than 24,265.8 billion kWatts of input energy is required.

INPUT ENERGY required with existing Electric Generator Technology for 24,265.8 billion kWh of Electricity Generation

more than 24,265,800,000,000,000 Watts

INPUT ENERGY required with ReGenX Electric Generator Technology for 24,265.8 billion kWh of Electricity Generation

0.00 Watts

ReGenX Generators will eliminate 100% of the input energy requirement in electricity generation and 100% of the air pollution and C02 produced by eliminating Generator Armature Reaction from the electricity generation equation – please see “The True Cost of Generator Armature Reaction” below….

ReGenX Generators will make the financial transition from retrofitting conventional electric generators (which produce Generator Armature Reaction) to ReGenX Generators (which do not produce Generator Armature Reaction) financially feasible for electricity producers because they also remove 100% of the financial input energy cost which would otherwise be required to generate 24,265.8 billion kWh of electricity.

In addition, ReGenX Generators increase the electricity generating capacity for existing and new sustainable energy sources such as wind turbines, hydroelectric and hydrokinetic power generation, geothermal and Nuclear energy etc. by about 500%.

During the eventual and gradual transition towards sustainable energy resources – fossil-fuels can still be employed while their environmental consequences are reduced to negligible levels while at the same time sustainable technologies become more efficient, more viable, and less expensive to build and to operate.

Potential Difference inc. Innovations RE: Design 1st Performance Testing Plan 2021-09-21:

Governor General of Canada Introduction to The Law of Creation of Energy:

Potential Difference inc. Innovation One Page Summary 9/11 – 2021:

FINAL Potential Difference inc. Innovations Test Program with 13 International Validation Replications:

Patents by Inventor Thane C. Heins:

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