SJR Looper – Running Replication

Lasersaber showed a long running circuit yesterday and, fortunately, my own version is now sweetly humming along.
This video is intended to help people who may have a core with no hole for a bolt to go through, such as salvaged from old TV’s or monitors.
By a process of trial and error, my circuit fired up and kept on running.
The changes are listed at the end of the video.

Specs are:
C1815 ‘Y’ designation transistor
4700uF 50V capacitor (Nichicon)
4x Germanium diodes as FWBR
5x white LED’s in parallel
3.6V (measured) ex cellphone battery

18 turns 22/24AWG inner coil + Cu connection
350 turns 30AWG middle coil
18 turns 22/24AWG outer coil + Cu connection

See for Lasersaber’s circuit diagram.

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