Electric OU: DC Bias Current, Q1 and Q2 Continuous Oscillations in the Ainslie Circuit

Q1 and Q2 oscillations in the Rosemary Ainslie NERD claimed overunity circuit. They have nothing whatever to do with function generator operation, other than depending on it as a power supply.

Erratum: Of course the PS is a HP 721A, not a 731A.

Here I demonstrate the oscillations in both sets of transistors, simply and easily, using a separate DC supply instead of a Function Generator. This process makes continuous oscillations in whichever transistor is receiving the positive bias current, at just the right voltage (that is, current) settings. (The bias source must be a current source.)

The Ainslie team interrupted their live demo for quite some time Saturday, June 29 2013, when they “discovered” that the Q1 would oscillate. Strange, isn’t it, that these people are so unfamiliar with their own circuit, and so ignorant of their own topic, that they could be surprised by this feature of the circuit which they claim to have been testing for years.

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