Chemtrails versus Contrails Berlin 26.03.2012 Part 2/2 Chemtrails versus Contrails Berlin 26.03.2012 Part 2/2 In this Part 2/2 you see this second plane that flies at at about the same height as the plane in Part 1/2 . This second plane only leaves contrails which disappear quickly behind it ,so it is probaly only water vapour coming out at the exhaust. As it flies at about the same height, there must be the same temperature conditions, so you see, that plane 1 has real chemtrails in the exhaust that poison the sky and leave and develop big milky clouds… The question is, what exactly is in the fuel as an additive or if they just spray there additionally some chemicals into the air via spray valves and what chemicals are used and why they are doing it ? Just to block the sunlight or do they want to poison the population to reduce the population or do they just want to reduce the sunshine, so they could claim that solar energy is not efficient in this aera, cause the days are too cloudy ?? You deceide ! Please comment and subscribe and post your view about this below the video in the comments sections. Many thanks. Regards, Stefan. German language: Heute waren wiieder Chemtrail Flieger unterwegs und haben wieder den Himmel versaut ! Wass soll das ? Was mischen die da nur ins Flugbenzin rein ? Hier im ersten Teil kann man sehr schön sehen, wie bereits einige breitere Streifen am Himmel vorhanden sind von Flugzeugen, die eine halbe Stunde zuvor dort langeflogen sind und der Himmel generell

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