Pocket-Heater-Oven and the dangers of carbon monoxide gas

Pocket-Heater-Oven and the dangers of carbon monoxide gas
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In this video I show the pocket heater I bought on Amazon:
MFH Kohlestäbchen Handwärmer (Taschenwärmer)
carbon rod based Pocket heater
to keep your hands warm inside your jacket. It works by buring coal carbon rods in a glasfaser mat case and just transferring the heat to the outside of this metallic case which is wrapped in a cotton sleeve.

These pocket heaters produce a nice heat, especially when it is freezing cold outside… but they also produce cabon monoxide gas, so you should not use these ovens inside a closed room or your house, as they produce quite some toxic carbon monoxide gas, as can be seen here in this video, when tested under a plastic cap together with the carbon monoxide warner device like this I got for testing out the carbon monoxide levels:
Flamingo Carbon Monoxide Alarm – 7 Year Sensor Life – 1 Year Battery Life

I saw, that it reacted pretty quickly to the carbon monoxide gas buildup under this yellow plastic cap..
so use these pocket heaters only outside where there is always an exchange of fresh air,
otherwise they can be pretty dangerous by poisening you with carbon monoxide gas…

Also in this video is shown the Petroleum oven from the last video
but it did not produce much Carbon monoxide gas, but the oven still did not run in full heat mode,
cause I still had a problem with it, cause I did use the wrong petroleum fluid with gel inside it and thus it clogged the wick.. so never buy gela based barbecue lighter fluids instead of real good petroleum….You just clogg your wick and then the oven will no longer work…

But it was just my fault, cause I wanted to save a few bucks, the oven normally is great, but I just used the wrong fuel.. Now I still have to clean it and replace it with a different wick…
I will soon try it with the graphite felt wick material…

If you need to replace the original wicks,
you can get 6 pieces over here in a bundle.
This is the cheapest Petroleum oven on Amazon
but the other more expensive ones are build the same way and just charge more….

If you also want to buy the Petroleum from Amazon,
you can get it from here…but it is pretty expensive…
Seems that the fuel costs has risen up dramatically over here
now in Germany….where I bought it from..
Or I’ve also noticed that if you grill a lot and then extinguish the grill with water, it’s very dangerous because a lot of carbon monoxide is then also produced.
In any case, you should never take smoldering coals into a room…it then produces an extremely large amount of carbon monoxide and a number of people have died in the process…. Back then in our colony of arbors, someone had their grill taken into their house without opening the windows because he wanted to have a bit of warmth for the night because the coals were still glowing,… unfortunately he then died of carbon monoxide poisoning… uff… That’s why you need a warning device like this!
Especially with weakly smoldering coals, you should not be careless and take them into closed rooms with you.. !!!

Here again the recommendations from the last video with the gas lantern:

Camping gas lantern produces a lot of light and heat
Here you can get the #camping #gas lantern on Amazon:

And here are the matching #glow socks. They generate heat and light first.
They are very delicate and should not be touched…

And here are the correct #C200 plug-in cartridges for the lamp.
Unfortunately, you can only change them when the cartridge is empty…

10 x 190g gas cartridge butane propane camping safety valve
10 x 190g butane gas in universal cartridge with IIL safety system
And as a precautionary measure in case they should give off carbon monoxide, should
get yourself a carbon monoxide warning device…

Or get this stove if you want it warm:
With ten liters of kerosene a friend gets about one week burning time of the heater… you don’t have to keep it on all the time…
Or get for the winter this tent stove:
Collapsible titanium sheet stove with attachable chimney made of titanium rolling sheets… Can be folded up easily and taken with you in a carrying bag, weighs just under 4 kg!
Great as an emergency oven during a blackout…

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As an Amazon affiliate, I earn a small commission from these sales, but this does not increase the sales price for you. I only recommend products that I personally think are good and some of which I have already tested and used myself. Thank you if you buy from my links on Amazon, it really helps the channel and makes me able to produce more videos then. Many thanks again, Regards, Stefan.

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