With this great #petroleum #oven you will never feel cold again in the cold #winter time.
It has a 5 liter tank for the petroleum fluid and it produces up to 2600 Watts of #heat #power.
It uses up about
0,25l/h and with a full tank can burn up to 18hours.

Surely you have to get the right petroleum or the right barbecue lighter fluid ( which is also based on petroleum fluid) to heat your room with it.

!!!! Be careful NOT to buy these Gel based barbecue lighter fluids, as the gel inside them cloggs the wick and then the wick must be replaced !!!

Here is the oven, where I bought it on Amazon:

If you need to replace the wicks,
you can get 6 pieces over here in a bundle.

This is the cheapest Petroleum oven on Amazon
but the other more expensive ones are build the same way and just charge more….

If you also want to buy the Petroleum from Amazon,
you can get it from here…but it is pretty expensive…
Seems that the fuel costs has risen up dramatically over here
now in Germany….where I bought it from..

But you maybe can still get it cheaper from somewhere else like
a boat accessories supply store..

In any case, I would advise you to get a carbon monoxide warning device for safety reasons, because it will warn you with a loud beep if the oven should produce too much carbon monoxide gas…
But what normally shouldn’t happen if everything is set correctly and you air the room from time to time…

Please refer to:
Flamingo Carbon Monoxide Alarm 7 Year Sensor Life 1 Year Battery Life

I also bought it from Amazon.

But for your safety you should definitely have something like that, you never know…
If the wick is somehow jammed and continues to smolder weakly due to insufficient oxygen supply, too much carbon monoxide could otherwise be produced…then it is important to have such a warning device…
Or I’ve also noticed that if you grill a lot and then extinguish the grill with water, it’s very dangerous because a lot of carbon monoxide is then also produced.
In any case, you should never take smoldering coals into a room…it then produces an extremely large amount of carbon monoxide and a number of people have died in the process…. Back then in our colony of arbors, someone had their grill in theirs Taken the arbor because he wanted to have a bit of warmth for the night because the coals were still glowing, unfortunately he then died of carbon monoxide poisoning… uff… That’s why you need a warning device like this!
Especially with weakly smoldering coals, you should not joke with them and take them into closed rooms with you.. !!!

Here again the recommendations from the last video with the gas lantern:

Camping gas lantern produces a lot of light and heat
Here you can get the camping gas lantern on Amazon:

And here are the matching glow socks. They generate heat and light first.
They are very delicate and should not be touched…

And here are the correct C200 plug-in cartridges for the lamp.
Unfortunately, you can only change them when the cartridge is empty…
10 x 190g gas cartridge butane propane camping safety valve
10 x 190g butane gas in universal cartridge with IIL safety system

And as a precautionary measure in case they should give off carbon monoxide, should
get yourself a carbon monoxide warning device…

Or get this stove if you want it warm:

A friend of mine has one of these and uses it in the interior of his home without any problems, every now and then you just have to air it out a bit to replace the used air…. With ten liters of kerosene he gets about one week burning time of the heater… you don’t have to keep it on all the time…
Or a part for the winter as a tent stove:

Collapsible titanium sheet stove with attachable chimney made of titanium rolling sheets… Can be folded up easily and taken with you in a carrying bag, weighs just under 4 kg!
Great as an emergency oven during a blackout…

Or the Petromax cooker:

Very good and efficient rocket stove that creates fire with wood without smoke… Is really a great part to make food or generate heat…

This is a great emergency power supply, finally with more than 2KW power.
Also charges the internal batteries with 700 watts, e.g. B. from solar panels, so that the batteries are quickly full again… finally an alternative to diesel or petrol generators….

The above links are all affiliate links.
As an Amazon affiliate, I earn a small commission from these sales, but this does not increase the sales price. I only recommend products that I personally think are good and some of which I have already tested and used myself. Thank you if you buy from my links on Amazon, it really helps the channel

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