APEC 8/13, Part #4 – Mike Brace – Gravity & Antigravity In The Theory Of Everything Q&A

https://www.altpropulsion.com – Mike answers questions related to his framework for a unified theory; an all-encompassing, coherent theoretical framework of physics that he believes offers a plausible and valid explanation for gravity, and links together the dynamic and observed physical interactions of the universe.

In the Aug 13th Conference Session, David Sereda will discuss Boyd Bushman’s hypothesis for UAP propulsion, Mike Brace will present a new approach to understanding & modifying gravity in a new physical model he has created, Mike Melia, Bryan Sinclair & Ross Small will present updates on inertial propulsion devices they are developing, and Mark Sokol & Jeremy Rys will be presenting live from the TeslaTech 2022 Conference.

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