APEC 10/23, Part #8 – Gary Stephenson – MHD in Aerospace Q&A

https://www.americanantigravity.com – Gary Stephenson discusses innovation in aerospace Magnetohydrodynamics (MHD), and offers insights into how MHD can be used to eliminate mechanical control surfaces, control boundary layer flow, produce propulsive effects, and potentially facilitate transmedium travel for air-breathing vehicles & transmedium craft.

Magnetohydrodynamics has been hypothesized as a form of aerospace propulsion for the last 50 years, but only now is it being enabled by the emerging technology of superconducting nanowires.

In this paper a business case is made for using MHD tech for the eventual electrification of all aircraft, including high speed jet aircraft, over the next 22 years. An additional argument is made for the eventual electrification of all Earth launched space vehicles over the next 12 years after that.”

The scheduled speakers on Oct 23rd include Kavya Vaddadi, Kevin Day, and Gary Stephenson. Kavya Vaddadi will discuss reverse-engineering of the ancient Vimana, Kevin Day will talk about the Navy UAP encounters and recent UAP expeditions, and Gary Stephenson will be talking about MHD propulsion utilizing superconducting nanowires.


Kavya Vaddadi:
– http://maarks.in/ancient-technology/index.html
– http://vedicresearchinstitute.com/scientific-advisor-in-vedic-research-institute-kavya-vaddadi/

Kevin Day: https://uapexpedition.org/
Gary Stephenson: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/354853952_MHD_Aerospace_Applications_Update

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