Illuminated Non Stop Running Device

This is perhaps the start of a new project where I build a ‘Non Stop Running Device’ that is also self illuminating at night. Right now I have a solar flickering led candle getting the job done. My idea is to build a low amp draw ‘Penny’ led light into the rotating device that will allow me to see the device run when it is totally dark at night. My ‘Penny’ lights blink at very low amp draw and might supply just enough light to see the rotating device in the dark. I will have to build a tiny ‘Penny’ light and enclude it into the device.
Here is the video from 2017 where I show the micro amp solar waving flower project build. It has been like Grandad’s Snowman where it was just something that has run unnoticed for long periods of time. It has the original cheap 1.5v AAA alkaline battery running it. Had this not been in a sunny window I don’t think that this would still be running on that battery. In the dark the amp draw is 40 micro amps.

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