APEC 5/15: Part#3 – Todd Desiato – What is Required for FTL Travel?

https://www.americanantigravity.com – Todd Desiato will be exploring the scientific and technological requirements & limitations involved with Faster-Than-Light (FTL) travel, and discussing potential approaches to exceed the light barrier for travel.

Jeremy Rys, Todd Desiato, and Gary Stephenson are the scheduled presenters at the APEC May 15th event. Jeremy Rys presents a UAP debrief, Todd Desiato discusses FTL travel & Gary Stephenson talks about Gravitomagnetic Field Generation using High Permitivity Materials in SMES Devices.

Links & Resources:
• Gary Stephenson: 2000 – 2020 Summary of Gravitational Work, Hardware Edition (PDF) – (Available on APEC Website)
• Todd Desiato: Gravity From Uncertainty (PDF) – (Available on APEC Website)
• Falcon Space Facebook | YouTube
• Jeremy Rys: Alien Scientist Website

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