APEC 3/20, Part #6 – Ron Kita – Reactionless Propulsion Using Gyroscopes

https://www.americanantigravity.com – Ron Kita discusses a variety of concepts relating to the classic Laithewaite experiment, along with several other notable ideas on inertia & reactionless propulsion using gyroscopes and gyroscopic precession.

Benjamin T. Solomon & Ron Kita are the scheduled presenters in the March 20th, 2021 session of the Alternative Propulsion Engineering Conference (APEC), an online gravity-modification & antigravity engineering event. Benjamin Solomon presented an in-depth review of his research into gravity modification & Ron Kita spoke about his patented gravity modification technology electrets.

Links & Resources:

• Benjamin Solomon:
– https://www.amazon.com/Benjamin-Thomas-Solomon/e/B008NSGSQ6
– https://www.huffpost.com/author/benjamin-t-solomon

• Ron Kita:
– http://www.chiralex.com/
– https://www.linkedin.com/in/ron-kita-38764215/
– https://patents.google.com/patent/US8901943B1/en

• Falcon Space Program: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqkHVDO55Lj4w-DTO762HhQ
• Alien Scientist: http://alienscientist.com/

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