Subject: National Research Council of Canadian Technology Demonstration Invitation & The 2021 NEW ENERGY BLUEPRINT FOR HUMANITY
Date: Thu, December 31, 2020 4:24 pm
To: “National Research Council of Canada President”
Cc: “David Lisk, Vice-President National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP)”, “Honourable Navdeep Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry”, “Tyler Hamilton Senior Manager of Partnerships, Cleantech Venture Services”, “Yung Wu Chief Executive Officer, MaRS Discovery District”

Hello Mr. Davies,

Congratulations on your new position as President of the NRC and Happy New Year!

Please allow me to invite you to Almonte Ontario at your earliest convenience so we can introduce you to the 2021 New Energy Blueprint for Humanity.

We are interested in an opportunity to demonstrate our US patented ReGenX Generator and ReGen-X Motor innovations to you which we will begin commercializing globally in 2021.

The backing theory and infinite efficiency performance validation for the ReGenX Generator and ReGen-X Motor was developed in the Power Lab at Ottawa University under supervision of Dr. Habash from 2008 – 2010.5. Dr. Habash invited us to set up a satellite lab at Ottawa U shortly after a successful infinite efficiency performance validation for MIT professor for Dr. Zahn in 2007.

Infinite efficiency ReGenX Generator performance was also verified by Tyler Hamilton, MaRS Discovery District Cleantech Venture Services at Ottawa University, where five of Dr. Habash’s 3rd year electrical engineering students also replicated and validated the innovation at Dr. Habash’s request (

The ReGenX Generator was also performance validated by David Lisk of the NRC in 2013 when our company was tentatively offered $250,000.00 IRAP funding by Mr. Lisk. (please see attached PDF for innovation history of development)

The ReGenX Generator technology will be very important in helping the world achieve its C02 reduction goals because it now allows 100% of all the electricity planet Earth will ever require (forever) to be generated with zero mechanical input while producing zero C02 and zero air pollution in the electricity generation process.

This can be a difficult concept for most people to understand – so during the demo we will explain what the role and ultimate cost Generator Armature Reaction has in the electricity generation process and how our Canadian innovations remove its financial and environmental costs from the electricity generation equation forever.

At your demonstration we will also introduce you to the Law of Creation of Energy, i.e. how induced Electromagnetic Field Energy is created in all electric generators and how this created energy performs Negative Work otherwise known as Generator Armature Reaction (EV regenerative braking).

The Law of Creation of Energy (and the work performed by it) was originally discovered in 1820 by Danish physicist Hans Christian Ørsted.

In 2021 we will be introducing the Law of Creation of Energy, Heins’ Law of Induction and Heins’ Forth Law of Motion to IEEE.

Since 9/11 our company has developed several new innovations (and the above laws of physics which describes them) which all have the ability to tap into and harness this created Electromagnetic Field Energy and use it to perform Positive Work at infinite efficiency. Patents by Inventor Thane C. Heins

At your demonstration we will demonstrate the ReGenX Generator which has the ability to generate electricity without requiring any mechanical input power (at infinite efficiency).

And the ReGen-X Motor which has the ability to harness created Electromagnetic Field Energy and accelerate an EV (perform Positive Work and increase its Kinetic Energy) without requiring any electrical energy from the EV’s batteries.

Please see attached and below for more information.


LAW of CREATION OF ENERGY 1820 – 2020:

INNOVATING TO ZERO and the LAW OF CREATION OF ENERGY Introduction – Thane Heins’ Youtube Channel:

Infinite Efficiency ReGenX Generator Replication by 3rd Year EE Students at Ottawa University:

Thank you with kind regards

Thane C. Heins
President and CEO, Potential +/- Difference Inc.
Email :
Cell: 613.898.1131?

Potential +/- Difference Inc. – Pioneering Electric Vehicle Regenerative Acceleration Technology
& Charging Ahead.

“Nothing is too wonderful to be true”
~ Michael Faraday

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