PEERTUBE and BITTUBE.VIDEO – New Decentral BitTube Video Platform

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Donations should go there his way for this great tutorial.
Today Nachodon gives an overview of what he considers the future of decentralized open source social media: THE FEDIVERSE and its decentralized “YouTube” videoplatform application called: Peertube. He also touches base on the fediverse “Twitter” cousin called Mastodon. …
All these applications run on the Activitypub protocoll.

Bittube.TV and are now being merged into the new Decentralized Platform under the NEW URL:

The old platform BitTube.TV will stay and will function for Live-Streaming and a new Mastodon client will will be coming soon out under the URL:
that will function as a hub for social networking and as a Twitter Competition.

So remmber all these domain names:
1. https://BitTube.APP for the Airtime Browser Extension and Monetisation tools and software to download
2. https://BitTube.Video for the VideoPlatform for stored videos
3. https://BitTube.TV for Livestreaming and Gaming content
4. https://BitTube.Social for Social Sharing and Networking

For more infos about the monetary side of the Tube coin, have a look here:

Hope this helps.

Regards, Stefan.
P.S. This is no monetary investment advice. Always do your own research.
only invest so much what you can afford to loose completely.

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