Tenor ‘Ukulele Progress Report 3

Luthiery Self-Taught:

Tenor ‘Ukulele built from scratch
from a plan sheet by Robert Lattuga

Made from scraps of wood from the local hardwood shop:

Top: Sitka Spruce
Back: Cherry
Sides: Poplar
Neck: Poplar, Mahogany
Headstock Veneer: Mesquite
Internal bracing: Basswood, Spanish Cedar
Bridge: Cocobolo
Fretboard: Figured Bubinga
Nut and Saddle: Buffalo Bone
Tuning Machines: Makanu Music open uke tuners
Strings: D’Addario clear nylon
Glues: TiteBond, Thin CA

It’s my first attempt and has many flaws. I’ve learned some of what mistakes not to make, though, and my second one will be much better.

Music is Wind Marching for Rain, by Puddle of Infinity, from the YT Free Audio Library. Thanks!

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