inertial propulsion with gyroscope part special part 22 for Harvey Fiala

Hi Harvey i hope your are good.
Just to show you my present work, as i am trying to control the precession with some servos and arduino.

This video was not intended for youtube, but it shows very well that with 2 gyros working together, the result is very good.

The whole system is suspended on a monotoron untwisted kevlar wire, and the 2 gyros are almost at synchronisation, so there is very little wobling so the “Fiala effect ” or the gyrodynamic versus newtonian effect (hi Nick) is at full efficiency.

At the beginning of the video, i pushed sliglty the device counter clockwise, and as you can see it stops the movement, and clearly invert the rotation to spin clockwise with, i would say, some detemination.
Now i tried to change the timing of the gyro swing to approach the Fig 8 of your patent, but very soon the pendulum beginn to swing laterally, killing all the effect.
I have to think of a way to avoid this pendulum swinging.

But anyway i think that this small experiment is clearly demonstrating the inertial propulsion possibility without any excuse of “slip stick” or other misleading artifact.

Hope you the best


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