Radio Pilipinas with Eng. Aviso re: cellphone can trigger stroke or Heart attack

Interview start after 37 minutes. Eng. Aviso explained the reason ( using cellphone) why there are so many cases of sudden stroke or heart attack without history of high blood or heart problem. Statistic every 1 minute 1 filipino died and 3 disabled due to stroke. Using cellphone can make our blood in our brain to clog then the oxygen will start to deplete. Can worsen Tumor or cancer and other diseases. Manifestation of these is the shrinking of the body. To understand How it affect the body. you must see several video to learn..1st. video. , 2nd 3rd, video 4th video
Warning: Many brand selling Anti cell radiation, but its FAKE, not working. Some showing a Ion tester but the body still shrinking. The best is always test the actual body respond while using the cellphone. Try your best to learn on how to scan the body if there are some blood clogging. Video’s above link can give you the idea on how to do it.

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