SEC 18-1 What is it ?

An overview and introduction to the Stiffler Scientific SEC 18-x series of Exciters.
They are again available from Dr. Stiffler, for $40 +p/p as a kit and $50 +p/p fully built.
With health troubles and now equipment failure, Dr. Stiffler wishes to purchase replacements, by selling his remaining stock of SEC 18-1 circuits.

Email: for ordering information.

This particular circuit was kindly bought for me by Subscriber iQuest, to whom I again wish to express my thanks for his generosity.

I tried to look at the frequency that this one is running at…they are set up for ~13.6MHz, but experienced difficulty obtaining a clean scope trace using a sniffer coil.
The thought was that connecting directly to the circuit output may blow up the scope !

Video presentation cues from Doug Demuro and Nick Burns 😉

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