JWN Project P14: Magnetic Induction Cancellation Testing.

JWN Project P14: Magnetic Induction Cancellation Testing.

It is stated in the Newman Patent:

“When the electric current from battery 201 (301)
becomes weaker to the point that the magnetic field coming
from coil 205 (305) has weakened and shrunk allowing the
magnetic field of the rotating magnet 200 (300) to expand and then noticeably induce electric current into coil 206
(306) and into coil 205 (305), then reverse results are
observed. When the magnetic field from the coil 205 (305) is
large, then the magnetic field from magnet 200 (300) is

lets test this….


Dose the magnetic field of the inner coil “cancel” out any of the permanent magnet flux from cutting in to
the outer coil?

yes, not all but some.

It appears that the 2″ permanent magnet is to strong and the coils field to week to get a full cancellation effect.

Why could this be important?

If the goal was to only get the inner coils magnetic field to induce in to the outer coil
with out the permanent magnetic induction in to the outer then,
The magnetic field of the inner coil VS permanent magnet field strength needs to be balanced.

Once This is done then the coils coils be configured in such a way where the outer coils induction could add to the system.
as stated here in the patent:

“If the electric current produced in coil 206 (306) is
then fed back into coil 205 (305) in accordance with proper
polarity, the rotation speed of magnet 200 or 300 will then
accelerate. If fed back into coil 205 (305) in wrong
polarity, the rotation speed of magnet 200 (300) will slow

coil 206 (306) can be taken out of the system, or its
electrical current fed away from the system, and the
rotational speed of the magnet 200 (300) will not observably change. However, the rotational speed of magnet 200 (300)
will noticeably change when the electric current from coil
206 (306) is fed back into coil 205 (305)!”

One should read the full patent if your interested in what I’m saying here.

OCR version ( might contain errors) :

This is about Physics… “we” dont know anything about it… The Bench of Truth will lead us… We just need to listen to what its telling us… “Laws” are meant to be broken… Re-wright the books…

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“Basic research” :

The book i speak of… Don’t just read it… Clear your mined from all you know first.


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