inertial propulsion with gyroscope part 12

I have redo the part 11 test on a much better and stable bench and with a better gyro, and i could not establish and see a clear difference between the gyro rotating as a dead mass and the gyro rotating by spinning in this contained precession. So M.Fiala is correct when he said that a spinning gyro which can not precess keep all its inertia.
So i have suppressed the part 11 video because irrelevant.Very tricky and fooling those experiments with gyros.

On this video part 12 i made another test with a good gyro and the 360 servo on a “balance” device. The axle of the servo is placed exactly on the pivot of the balance, so the the weight of the gyro is on one side each 180 degres.
So as you can see when the gyro (non spinning) is rotating as a dead mass, it behave normally as a “pendulum”. When the gyro is spinning and rotating it behave oppositly.
This show that a rotating gyro which cannot precess seems to exhibit a very strong torque, able of creating a total counter pendulum effect.
I don’t know if this effect is interesting, but it is surely unintuitiv at all. So far to me.
Hope this helps


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