DC to DC Buck converter

DC to DC Buck converter
DC to DC Step Down Buck Converter.
5V-30V to 0.8V-29V 5A Constant Current Constant Voltage Meter Power Supply Charger Module


Module Properties:Non-isolated step-down module
Rectification:Non-Synchronous Rectification
Input Voltage:DC 5V-30V
Output Voltage:DC 0.8V-29V
Output Current:Max 5A (over 3A to enhance heat dissipation)
Conversion efficiency:95% (the highest)
Switching frequency:300KHz
Output Ripple:50mV (max) 20M Bandwidth
Load Regulation:+/-0.5%
Voltage Regulation:+/-2.5%
Operating Temperature:-40? to +85?
Size:51*26.3*14 (L*W*H)(mm)
Module Name:Current and voltage table
Measurement Accuracy:0.1%
Refresh rate:About 200ms time
Display:Dual 4bits 0.28″ digital tube
Current Range:0A-5A
Voltage range:5V-30V
Operating Current:Less than 15mA
Display Color:Red
Storage Temperature:-10? to +65?
Input impedance:50 milliohms
External dimensions:51*26.3*10mm
Rechargeable lithium-ion battery

When the lithium-ion battery voltage is relatively low, if the direct
use of constant voltage charging, the voltage difference due to the
larger, leading the charge current is too large, resulting in damage
to the battery, so when you want to start using the constant battery
current charging, when the charge to a certain extent automatically
switches back when the constant voltage charging.
Module above indicated IN-(input negative), IN+(positive input), OUT-
(negative output), OUT+(positive output) must be connected to the
right, otherwise may cause damage to the module.

Feedback Reviews

1. Nice Buck Converter, meter is amazingly accurate for this price
2. This is a great little converter that is very accurate. I charge my
project battery with it then simply turn it around and run my project
with the proper voltage required and set the current limiting for

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