Stg4 Breast cancer Metastasis to the Lungs & Bone. Very weak with constant H.B pressure

Stg 4 breast cancer patient ( story of recovery ) subjected to Chemo and with metastasis in Lungs and Bone made Her very weak to walk and hard breathing with constant High blood pressure problem. After 4 session of AWP ( Aviso Wellness Protocol ) patient already remove Her high blood maintenance, can do Her normal household activity and can travel many places without a problem. Her face show how great Her improvement comparison 30 days ago.

SPET ( Scalar & Photon Electromagnetic Therapy ) with full power blast of electron to charge the body. Thanks to the 3 special inert gas , Argon, Xenon & Krypton gas charge the Plasma Tube and combined with Scalar Electromagnetic frequency pulse based from proven frequency that kills many type of Bacteria and Cancer. Discovered by many top caliber scientist for over 100 years. SPET is a combination of different proven technology like Tesla , Lachovsky, Rife , Hulda clark , Priore of France and John Holt of Australia and many more.. .based from their combined experienced then improved by Eng. Aviso. Why need to improve ? Bacteria and Cancer cell now a day mutate into different frequency zone, due to many type of wireless gadget used by people. Eng. Aviso a Naturapathic Practitioner for the last 14 years and a Microwave Satellite engineer. His latest contribution to alternative medicine, a refined therapy machine with no side effect and proven very effective. SO EFFECTIVE IN JUST 1 SESSION OF SPET ,,,BREAST CANCER STG3 REDUCE DOWN TO 40%. We want to remind that SPET did not use any High frequency Radio transmitter, like most other brand that interfere with many electronics equipment. We start treating people just last month of Aug 2015 using SPET.
This BREAKTHROUGH technology still with it’s momentum after we launch last Aug. 2015 with a lot of people getting better from different kind of diseases.
AWP ( Aviso Wellness Protocol ) with advantage comparison to other treatment. 1st. It’s 70% Electrotherapy and just 30% on Herbal’s and nutrientsBody can resist on long duration of intake with the same Herbal’s and lessen the effectivity. In short Herbal’s it help to support, but not a stand alone therapy, due to Herbal’s always give chemical signature to let the bad bacteria enough time to study and resist the effectivity, but totally different with Electrotherapy, since no chemical residue.
2nd. Unique Body Scanning technology that can monitor the development of AWP on a daily basis. To give the therapist a good idea on the negative and positive response of the patients for every dosages and level of electrotherapy procedures, until it suited to the body to restore the health of the patients.]
Here are several testimonials from cancer and different type of chronic diseases treated by SPET;…………………
For details and info call/text 0916 339 7311 or 2 2850658. Website ( 3 yrs non updated
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