Rechargeable Watch Battery Motor

This is a homemade electronic motor that is running on a rechargeable 3v lithium watch type battery. It has only a 5mAh rating but that is enough to run my micro amp pulse motor for many hours without a recharge. I am using the 5v solar panel from a solar keychain led light as the method to recharge the tiny battery. Ambient light energy in my house is enough to get the job done and keep the motor running non stop day after day.
The motor draws about 10 micro amps at 3v and the way I figure it the 5mAh battery energy alone is enough to keep the motor running for at least a week without input from the solar panel. With the solar panel recharging the battery during the day this little motor might run for many months –maybe years.
There is a circuit diagram error. The coil is only connected to the (+) rail and the NPN transistor collector and not shorted like I show it. The LED is across the two ends of the coil (which is 11.5K not 15K) as shown.
I ran out of camera memory at the end of this video and that is why is cut off suddenly—sorry.

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