Your opinion ? Mini Arcade Machines

Much more info below:

2 types of handmade mini Arcade machine, that i’m thinking of selling on
The cabs take around 4 or 5 days to make, to the best of my abilities. Improvements have been made from 1 to the next, so they are not identical, with the aim of building better and better as I go.
In my opinion, they capture the look and feel of the original 1980’s machines far better than regular bartop type designs.
They are made of foamboard and cardstock, with future inclusions of wood for cabinet bracings, if such a thing seems to be popular.

I’ve no idea of value, but am somewhat daunted by real world views being likely to be far less that ‘my time is worth’. However, with other gadgets and circuits only in prototype forms and without a ubiquitous 3D printer, these represent a possible route.

The simpler design will likely be offered at first, sales to then go forward to financing the Raspberry Pi version. That version will be loaded up with whatever freeware and abandonware is legal to use, but does have the possibility of being sold with actual gameboards from my collection. Controls are by using any USB joystick, or a NES styled USB gamepad (ordered 3 yesterday).

While I don’t have adverts on my channel and don’t claim Government benefits (because i’m an Englishman in the USA and its not my money !), i’d like to form a crafts and electronics business.

Thanks for your opinion 🙂

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