RWG-OSD #15 Understand & Calibrating A Delta 3D Printer Manually. The basics. How To.

OK all! This will be a very fun build! step by step build series. This is part 15!

In this video i start the commissioning process, i show how i Manually calibrate the Delta 3D printer. this same process should work for all delta printers with any firmware. ( except the m666 commands, see here for what firmware dose work: )

The RWG-OSD ( OverSized Delta)

Build Play List:

Dedicate web page:

Info and things here at the forums too!

also if you are wondering… I’m not interested in buying a delta 3d printer. its WAY WAY WAY more fun to build one from scratch! 🙂

my other Rostock:

Live Stream!:

God Bless! ~Russ Gries

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