Chasing the Motor Generator Illusion

This is more work on the explanation of this interesting Motor Generator illusion:

In my video I am using the wireless cell phone charger method to deliver the energy to the device. The sender unit is under the mat and the thin receiver unit is taped to the bottom of the wood motor mount. After working with this method for awhile I doubt that this is how the shaded pole motors device is getting energy. Pure AC mains induction might be the method but I don’t think that it was done the way I show here.

The motors in this video are stock unmodified 12v DC . The super capacitor is a 2.3v/ 6F. The led light is out of a 3 AAA dollar store led flashlight. The motors are wired together so that they turn the same direction. The capacitor is in parallel with the motors. The wireless receiver feed wires come up through the board alongside the motors and mount to the motor terminals.

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