ESP-03 Weather Station

Much more info below:
A useful gadget for the house, this is an ESP8266 variant module and 0.96″ OLED display running as a WiFi connected weather station.

The original of this was developed by Dani Eichhorn:
An Instructables project of a similar build was followed:

The module fires up the OLED screen, connects online to Wunderground, downloads the weather data and also connects to Thingspeak to download sensor data that I may have uploaded (moisture sensor/local temperature etc) and then displays it all on a scrolling set of pages.

Normally, the several versions of this that i’ve seen have used an ESP-01, but I wanted to gain some familiarity with the smaller ESP-03:
My OLED screen is one that was set up for SPI, so had to be converted to I2C for the code to work…SMD resistors and connections on the back had to be altered. With such delicate work and the already fiddly ESP-03 to contend with, it was quite the shock to see this fire up !
The Apple USB cellphone charger was found in a puddle a few weeks ago and had to be thoroughly cleaned up, inside and out. It makes for a really nice small adapter for the weather station to plug into.
The 5V USB is converted to 3.3V via an LM1117 regulator and the whole lot uses approx 90mA, as per the Espressif datasheet for WiFi receive mode and OLED power usage.
The swan neck allows the unit to be positioned for the best viewing angle no matter where it is plugged into and i’m delighted with the result.

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