Free Energy Christmas 2015 – Greetings and love to all members

Free Energy Christmas 2015 – Greetings and love to all members
These devices were used:
It starts all with the solar panel.
Here is the right foldable Solar Panels with 21 Watts of output power to recharge pretty fast your powerbanks during the day. These panels have a 22 % sunshine conversion efficiency , so are very nice ! Great also to have during a power outage to power your USB devices.

Here is a great powerbank for this combination of devices, which has 20.000 mAh capacity and can charge itsself while it is also delivering output power. This way you can leave the solarpanel connected while you power your LED light bulbs also during the day… so the powerbank is recharged during the day, while it can also power the LED lights during the day inside your flat or house…surely can also be used to charge up your mobile phones several times.

You can also use these USB Light bulbs to get really bight and great warm white Light ! Pay Attention to the exact model you buy, as most of them are only cold white color, which is not good for your eyes, so be sure to buy this warm white color model, also if it is a bit more expensive. It has around 2700 Kelvin color temperature, which are much better for your eyes ! Great for camping trips also and with a few powerbanks at home you can power your whole lights in your flat or house with it… So go USB lighting for 2016 and charge the powerbanks via solarpower or via the new Orbo devices.

4 pieces of DROK® Ultra-thin USB Light Warm White Night Light Led Pocket Card Lamp with Touch switching.
Mini Card LED USB Light
Compatible with all standard USB device, power bank, mobile charger, computer, laptop and so on.
Although it is tiny in size,it has high working efficiency and strong light, each has about 120 lumens and draws about 140 mA at 5 Volts. —————
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Now here is a great new Outro Video Maker, what I also use now, how you can very
easily produce your Outro-Videos for your Youtube Videos, so that they will have these Thumbnail
Outro Videos to click on, so people stay on your channel. The Outromaker does also add automatically Annotations and Cards!
Highly recommended. also very good for getting new susbscribers !


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