Scoposcopy: Rigol DS1054Z Freeze In Actual Use + Other SP2 Bugs

Here I demonstrate how easy it is to get the scope to Freeze when in actual use, at very ordinary combination of settings.

Also the new SP2 firmware adds a Pulse Counter feature…. but this counter miscounts in certain situations.

The “Pluses” spelling error is just ridiculous. The new firmware also does not correct the Math horizontal offset and scaling error either.

It appears that the Freeze Bug is related to the Boot Version loaded in the scope’s firmware suite. My scope has Boot Version. People whose scopes have the later Boot Version do not seem to have the Freeze Bug problem. I don’t know at this point whether the Math Error is also associated with the particular Boot Version.

The “Firmware” updates provided by Rigol only update the “SoftWare Version”, they do not change the Boot Version.

And there seems to be NO WAY to roll back to an earlier “firmware” version once the SP2 is installed.

Not shown in this video is the sluggishness of the control response under SP2 when all four channels are running.

I’ve been exchanging emails with a Rigol USA technician about these problems. The situation has only gotten worse for me since the new “upgrade” of the firmware.

And the fact that the scope cannot be rolled back to an earlier firmware version is a MAJOR MALFUNCTION on the part of Rigol.

Is anyone at Rigol paying attention? I’ve spent many hours working on these issues; that time ought to be worth something to somebody.

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