Baby Step 2 – a 1 gram Supercap

Much more info below:
Shown in the pic, a 50mAh lipo battery, the 1g cell and a USA quarter coin.

A solution has been found for creating a pressure on the cells, heat shrink tubing.
Also, instead of putting the mixture of activated carbon and match ends onto the galv steel electrodes, instead the ‘run off’ liquid is used. The mixture itself can of course still be used, but this way reduces the cell dimensions when required.
A piece of potato is scrubbed on paper that forms the separator between the 2 cell halves, iodized salt is then sprinkled on both surfaces.

All in all, it produces a 1 gram cell that is very capable for its size.

Thanks to Bobby Tectalabyss for his views on the run off liquid some time ago. To not throw it away !
Also to bic (he knows who he is lol) for his views on using heatshrink tubing.

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