Gaia Rosch 5 KW AuKW Dismantling 03 – Auftriebskraftwerk Abbau

Gaia Rosch 5 KW AuKW Dismantling 03 – Auftriebskraftwerk Abbau

This was the scenery today at the 13th of May 2015 at Brüsseler Str. 15 in Spich near Cologne Germany, when company Rosch and Gaia removed and dismantled the AuKW KPP Power Plant from their wall, where it was fixed the last about 14 days to show power output.
No hidden holes to see in the support beams or in the floor bottom plate. So the question really is, where did the power came from ?
As the paternoster can only do around 200 Watts or less mechanical power at the top wheel, the question now is, where does
the 4.8 KWatts come from…?
Do they really have an OU Generator with COP=24 at the top or
was the power brought in from a different point ?
We will probably see it soon, if the AuKW is shipped to
Gaia and build up over there…
This is the recording of the Live Stream from Gaia which they have broadcasted during their dismantling process today.
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