Scoposcopy: Rigol DS1054Z Pass-Fail: FAIL on CH4…. rampant glitches

Unfortunately it looks as though there is something seriously wrong with the new DSO.

The CH4 has some really bad, intermittent glitches as well as a weird offset problem when AC-coupled input is selected, even when there are no probes connected to the scope at all.

The nice Pass-Fail Mask feature makes it easy to catch the glitches on CH4 as they happen, by setting up a mask and then telling the scope to “Stop on Fail”, which preserves the glitch waveform. It’s too bad that the failure is coming from the scope itself rather than some Device Under Test, though.

I really like this feature of the scope; it is easy to use and will come in handy when I start really putting the instrument to work.

So I’m going to have to send this one back to the vendor (TEquipment) and get a warranty replacement… which means dealing with UPS again…. and waiting…. and waiting….

I made this video to document the glitching, in case there is some doubt. Sometimes the scope can go for a long time without showing the problem, and I really don’t want the techs to just turn it on, look at it for a few minutes, then conclude that it’s OK when it really isn’t. Hence the video and the still shots.

Oh well. At least they seem to have some in stock, so I won’t be waiting on the whims of Longshoremen in California to get a scope delivered from China to Pennsylvania to Chicago to me here in NE Aztlan.

insert sound of wailing and gnashing of teeth….

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