During his studies the Russian inventor ” Akula ” had the idea to use the Earth’s magnetic field as an energy source.
The inventor completed successfully a degree in radio engineering and microelectronics.
When he repaired a TV for friends, he saw for the first time a useful effect. Then he developed a power electronics device based on this effecrt, where he used special ferrites.
The first successful experiments were done in 2004, but the prototype did not run stable.
To develop the technology further, costly measuring devices were necessary , but because of lack of capital, he put the project aside.
In 2013, the cooperation with the German partners began and the required measuring instruments were purchased in order to make the project a success.
In the summer of 2014, the inventor brought three working prototypes to Germany.
These were reviewed by numerous experts and companies.
After the start pulse of a battery, the circuits are running stable with durable performance.
The power output was depending on the prototype ranging from 0.5 watts to 1.0 Watts.
One of the prototypes was even shielded with a Faraday cage and stored overnight in an underground bunker to confirm long-term use.
One of the prototypes was dismantled on camera and in the presence of some experts. This video is viewable on the Internet.
See here:
For the system commercially available components are predominantly used, but they are electrically connected in a special way.
The main concern of further development is the composition and production of the ferrite core.
This technology is stationary and portable and scalable to larger power outputs , up to 50 Watts per module. See:
This unique technology uses the earth’s magnetic field like a spring, to generate an induction in the conductor from the prototype.
The prototype gives off the power permanently.
The advantages of this technology are the decentralized, autonomous, fuel- free and environmentally friendly use.

The major challenge in the development of this technology was to structure the Earth’s magnetic field so that it can be converted to usable electricity.
Therefore, the Earth’s magnetic field is like a treasure chest that gives off energy in abundance for the human race.
The use range is from a ” 5 watt flashlight ” to a mobile 10 watt charger for mobile phone applications and versatile self-sufficient energy solutions for households-, trade-, commerce- and

Principle of operation:
To start the device a battery is used , which can be disconnected after a few seconds.
The power output is then immediately available for the consumer.
The excess power of the system allows autonomous operation – without a battery – or any power circuit – and supplies electrical energy to supply other electrical circuits for the consumer.
We are currently looking for investors and licensees who can advance the project with financial strength. For further questions please contact us at

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