ReGenX Generator Operating without Armature Reaction/Regenerative Braking Effects

The ReGenX Generator Coil by Potential Difference Inc. is a new type of generator coil that has NO Armature Reaction / does not produce any electromagnetic resistance when a load is applied and delivers 600% more output power than a conventional generator coil that does produce on-load induced electromagnetic resistance.


A generator is a device which converts MECHANICAL (drive shaft) POWER to ELECTRICAL POWER…

The mechanical drive shaft power is calculated by the (drive shaft) TORQUE x (drive shaft) SPEED.

At any steady state speed the NET drive shaft TORQUE must be ZERO.

if the NET drive shaft torque NOT ZERO and is:

– GREATER than zero the drive shaft would be accelerating
– LESS than zero the drive shaft would be decelerating.

Therefore at any steady state speed the drive shaft MECHANICAL POWER must be ZERO Watts. (imagine the generator’s drive shaft being turned by wind turbine, steam or water…)

An electric generator’s EFFICIENCY is calculated by the generator’s output power delivered to a load by the (required) on-load INCREASE in drive shaft mechanical power.

The ReGenX Generator delivers electrical output power to the loads and requires a ZERO Watt increase in on-load mechanical drive shaft power so the generator’s efficiency is 60 W / 0 W = infinite efficiency.

The ReGenX Generator Coil delivers over 6X the OUTPUT POWER over the conventional generator coil and it does so with zero Armature Reaction and with a zero Watt increase in mechanical drive shaft power while operating at INFINITE EFFICIENCY.

Kind regards

Thane C. Heins
President & CEO
Potential +/- Difference Inc. R & D
“We generate solutions”
Cell: 613.314.9653

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