**Read Description**You Vote, New Series? #1 Every Other Friday: 3D Printed PCB Vise time lapse

***Read Description*** New Series?#1 Every Other Friday: 3D Printed PCB Vise with time lapse

hey guys,

I’m thinking About starting a series called ” Every Other Friday ” i will be asking you all to pick out a random useful 3D print from thingiverse or other places (http://www.thingiverse.com/) and giving a try every other Friday.

this is the kinda of video it will be…

let me know if this sounds interesting to you! will make it happen!!!! also add to the idea! give me feed back…

leave a comment or send an email to : rwgresearchlive (a:t) gmail.com

let me know your thoughts!!

This Print Can Be Found Here:



live stream is here when i’m on: http://open-source-energy.org/files/live.html

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